Learjet45 Speed and Comfort for Business
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Learjet 45

Learjet 45 is a rare blend of innovative technology and high efficiency that delivers the speed, comfort and the amenities business travelers expect.

 Learjet 45 flies farther, faster and with more passengers than any other aircraft in its class. At full capacity, the aircraft can fly non-stop from Houston to Boston, Edmonton or Seattle. It is the rare jet to seamlessly integrate new technology with a tested and proven, successful design.

The Learjet 45 is features comfortable seating for 8 + 1 passengers with the +1 using the belted lavatory seat. Cabin seats are remarkably roomy with ample room to swivel, recline and track.

Cabin Comforts

Our Learjets have beautifully appointed cabins with generous head and shoulder room for your comfort. Thanks to enhanced technology, Learjet 45 ensures cabin comfort with includes two-zone temperature control and noise level in the cabin never exceeds 72 dB.

Each Learjet also features a private aft lavatory. Storage space rivals jets in the midsize class, featuring 15 cubic ft internal area plus 50 cubic ft external. A full refreshment center with hot coffee, sodas and assorted snacks. Additional beverages are available on request, as well as catering to satisfy the gourmet tastes of your passengers.

Learjet 45 Interior Seats

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Learjet 45 Spacious Interior

Learjet 45 featured in the Cockrell Resources private jet charter fleet

Learjet45 Dimensions Jet Charter

Learjet 45 Specifications

Range 1,824 nautical miles
Seating 8 + 1
Cruise Speed 530 mph
Baggage Capacity 65 cubic ft
Cabin Length  19 feet 9 in

Learjet 45 Aircraft


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