Cessna Citation Sovereign
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Cessna Citation Sovereign

With coast-to-coast range, the Cessna Citation Sovereign dramatically redefines what a midsize jet can do.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign offers a large-jet luxury experience in a midsize jet design. The Sovereign combines blazing performance with luxury cabin comforts. It carries up to 9 passengers with exceptional comfort on short- or long-range flights. Sovereign optimizes passenger comfort, field performance, extended range and baggage volume.

With impressive speed, outstanding short-field performance and the largest double-club cabin available in its class, Sovereign has surely redefined what a midsize jet can do. At nearly 0.75 Mach speed, Sovereign achieves coast-to-coast range, while it retains the efficiencies of a midsize jet.

Cabin Comforts

As you speed across time zones and continents, the freedom to stand up, walk around, stretch out and relax is essential to keeping your mind sharp and your energy high. Not to worry. The Sovereign’s 68 inches (1.73 m) of stand-up comfort extends the entire length of its more than 25-foot (7.7 m) cabin. In all, this spacious 620-cubic-foot (17.56 m3) interior is significantly larger than others in its class.

The Sovereign luxury cabin provides seating for nine passengers, featuring a refreshment center with two hot beverage tanks, a private lavatory with hot and cold water vanity. The centerline closet provides room to stow several full-size garment bags, coats, briefcases, laptops and other carry-on items. Dimmable LED lighting system enhances passenger comfort.

External storage space of 100 cubic feet (2.8 m3) for baggage, skis, golf clubs and business gear far exceeds the 48 to 74 cubic feet that most of its competitors offer.

The Sovereign bathroom is more spacious also. Double-sliding hard door means passengers can change their clothes in it with the assurance of complete privacy.

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Cessna Citation Sovereign - Interior Comfort
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Cessna Citation Sovereign Specifications

Range 2,880 nautical miles
Seating 9
Cruise Speed 515 mph
Baggage Capacity 100 cubic ft
Cabin Length  25 feet

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