Bombardier Challenger 300
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Bombardier Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 is an executive office for the skies. At cruising speed of Mach 0.80,  this high-performance jet can transport eight passengers comfortably, non-stop from coast to coast.

The Challenger 300 cabin is designed to provide a highly productive working environment for travelers. Capable of a non-stop 3,100-nautical-mile mission (5,741-km) with eight passengers and NBAA IFR fuel reserves.

The Challenger 300 jet has established five world records sanctioned by the NAA (National Aeronautic Association). Record flights from Carlsbad, Calif. to Bangor, Maine, and Miami, Fla. to Seattle, Wash. have proven superior cruise performance across the continental United States. Three over-water cruise performance records have been set: Boston, Mass. to Paris, France; Santa Anna, Calif. to Honolulu, Hawaii; and Maui, Hawaii to Houston, Texas.

Cabin Comforts

Whether you are working or resting, Challenger 300 surrounds you with comfort. All passenger seats are fully adjustable with fold-out tables and individual AC power plugs. Two-zone air conditioning and low-heat LED overhead lights help keep the cabin temperature just right for passengers.

The cabin offers SatCom telephones, Airshow 410 in-flight mapping systems, 7 electrical outlets, two 20″ wide-screen LCD monitors and a DVD/CD player all as integrated iPod® control capability. To further enhance your productivity, this airplane has WiFi to enable you to access email, VPN, or just relax and browse the internet.

With ample storage space offered in both the crew and passenger wardrobe, the Challenger 300 aircraft offers unrestricted in-flight access to baggage in the compartment situated just aft of the passenger lavatory.

The Galley includes a microwave and two hot liquid containers, normally one hot water the other coffee. The full lavatory includes hot and cold water.

Bombardier Challenger 300 - Interior Comfort
Bombardier Challenger 300 - Comforts
Bombardier Challenger 300 Bench Seat
Bombardier Challenger Interior Seat
Bombardier Challenger 300 Dimensions Jet Charter

Bombardier Challenger 300 Specifications

Range 3,560 nautical miles (8 Passengers)
Seating 9
Cruise Speed 541 mph
Baggage Capacity 106 cubic ft (Accessible during flight)
Cabin Length  16.5 feet

Challenger 300 Aircraft